Creating a Fragrance

Fragrance Creation

As part of my current university project, entitled ‘Creative Networks’, we have been put into teams and given the task of creating our own fragrance brand.  Our fragrance brand, which we have yet to name (work in progress!), is aimed at the young, chic couple who appreciate fashion and lead a modernistic lifestyle.  The concept is is based on romanticism, but has a rock’n’roll edge.

On the 25th April, we were fortunate enough to have Karen Gilbert, a fragrance expert that runs skincare and perfumery classes and works for IFF, to come in and help us actually create our fragrance.  We specifically chose certain ingredients that would bring meaning to our product, as well as addressing the current fragrance trend forecasts (we spoke to a number of fragrance experts in London at perfumeries such as Floris, Les Senteurs and Penhaligon’s – currently woody and orange scents are in high demand!) .  It is extremely important to generate the correct balance of top, base and middle notes, and therefore the process took a lot longer than we had anticipated.  We chose Jasmine and Muguet (Lily of the Valley) as our heart notes (a larger amount of the scent is added into the mixture);  Jasmine signifies eternal love and thus bring an element of romanticism to the scent itself, whereas Muguet was the primary scent used by Kate Middleton and Prince William at their wedding – adding another element of romance! 

The workshop was extremely enjoyable and definitely made me consider a future career in the fragrance industry.

Here is a link to Karen Gilbert’s website:

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