Rie Hosokai’s LEGO Wedding Dress

Rie Hosokai's LEGO Wedding Dress

Japanese artist Rie Hosokai of Daisy Balloon has created this Wedding Dress entirely out of LEGO blocks for Tokyo’s “Piece of Peace” world heritage exhibition. Amazing, huh?! However, I’m still rather unclear of how you’re supposed to get in and out of it…

Hosokai stated of the construction: “There is fear in that we are all different from one another, but that is also the gateway to self-consciousness. Self-consciousness was once whole, but in the modern trend where all things whole get broken down, it too is about to get deconstructed. For that reason, people now seek to reconstruct their consciousness by extending it onto others. Through this process of extension, we have learned to unravel things down to their basic elements.”

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