‘Cause Everyone Wants to Party Like it’s 1999

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If you can relate to the time when you’d do anything to earn a Blue Peter badge, felt like a murderer if you left your Tamagotchi for over an hour and believed the world really had ended when W H Smith ran out of Bubblegum flavour gel pens, then read on..

For today’s ‘Throwback Thursday’, instead of posting some form of so-ugly-yet-so-cute photo on Instagram, I’ve taken myself back to my childhood and written a list of those things that made growing up in the 90s that extra bit special..

1. Saved by the Bell – Lisa Turtle’s character is still providing fashion inspiration even in 2013!

2. The Spice Girls – Lets face it, there isn’t one person that doesn’t want to zig-a-zig-ah.

3. Ty Beanie Babies – Yep, remember when you’d try and collect them all because it meant you could exchange them and be so rich when you grew up.. Hmm, how’s that going?

4. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – ‘In West Philadelphia born and raised..’ (NOTE: Watch clip of Will Smith on Graham Norton Show!)

5. Art Attack – Making you think you were a creative genius by putting a flower pot next to a pair of jeans..

6. Butterfly Clips – Especially when they matched the colour of your dress.

7. ‘Get Your Own Back’ CBBC Show – Hands up, who tried to get their mum in the Gunk Dunk?

8. Furbies – Who needs a dog anyway?!

9. Clarissa Explains It All/Sabrina, The Teenage Witch – Pretty sure I could draw a perfect replica of Melissa Joan Hart’s face without even looking after the amount of time I spent watching her on TV..

10. The Rugrats – Providing a constant source for fancy-dress parties for years to come..

And to top it off, here’s a Throwback Thursday photo of my anyway. Who said you can never rock a Barbie swimming costume?!



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