This Weekend we’re Loving..

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I think we can all agree that with the royal baby due in the next few days (National Holiday – pleaaaase?!) and this b-e-a-uuutiful weather the entire nation is in good spirits this weekend! Here’s The Empty Coathanger’s list of the top 5 things we’re loving at the moment..

1. Jelly Shoes! – As blogged about recently, I am 99% sure I’m still stuck in the 1990s.. Having made a comeback in Summer 2012, they seem to be here to stay as almost every popular fashion store is now stocking the see-through favourites! If you don’t already own a pair GET SOME! (Hint – Ebay is a good place to look for a top bargain!)

2. Nail Art – Girls (and boys if you wish..), it’s time to file and buff those nails and give them a cute Summer print to complete the ultimate Summer look..

3. The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town – For all you Londoners, why not take a trip to The Breakfast Club Spitalfields and then follow your way through the SMEG fridge for a few drinks? This ‘secret’ bar (I say ‘secret’ because it is most definitely a secret anymore, seeing as it is even advertised outside the venue) is located below The Breakfast Club, however you have to enter through a fridge.. Well a door with a fridge stuck onto it. But still, who doesn’t want to say they’ve been to a bar inside a fridge?!

4. Zoo Lates – London Zoo is opening itself up late on Friday nights for the next few weeks for all aged 18+ party animals! With a number of pop-up bars (we’re LOVING feeling 3 years old again in The Playroom!) and late-night animal shows, this summer event is not to be missed! (Having gone last Friday and not just read about online – I would highly recommend!)

5. Volvic Strawberry Water – Obviously it is very, very important to drink lots of water in hot weather conditions, but can’t water just be so dull?! If you’re feeling a bit dehydrated but don’t fancy a cheeky cocktail or exotic juice, try this strawberry flavoured water – I am now so addicted that I now buy it in bulk!!

Happy Saturday Everyone! X


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