A Movie in Emoji

Life Cinemas, an app that enables users to download films onto their smartphones, has recently released a series of adverts summarising certain films in emoticons.  Created by the JWT corporation in Uruguay, the simple yet effective idea is eye-catching and fun.  I personally think there could potentially be an accompanying app which provides different lines of Emojis and then asks you to guess which film they represent (Charades for phones!)

… Watch this space!
2-1Finding Nemo
Life of Pi, AdvertisingLife Of Pi
Ted, AdvertisingTedHarry potter, AdvertisingHarry Potter

Source: Designtaxi.com

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One thought on “A Movie in Emoji

  1. These are brilliant – possibly because I guessed them all. It reminds me of a game in the 90’s called Dingbats where you had to guess a popular saying based on a series of images/cartoons.

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