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I’ve now changed my primary blog to , so all my posts will be on that blog from now on – help a girl out and hit the Follow button if you like!

Thanks! Rach X


A Movie in Emoji

Life Cinemas, an app that enables users to download films onto their smartphones, has recently released a series of adverts summarising certain films in emoticons.  Created by the JWT corporation in Uruguay, the simple yet effective idea is eye-catching and fun.  I personally think there could potentially be an accompanying app which provides different lines of Emojis and then asks you to guess which film they represent (Charades for phones!)

… Watch this space!
2-1Finding Nemo
Life of Pi, AdvertisingLife Of Pi
Ted, AdvertisingTedHarry potter, AdvertisingHarry Potter


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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Bill FitzGibbons, an American artist, has definitely gone somewhere over the rainbow in Birmingham, Alabama! FitzGibbons used 250 LED lights, which change colour at different speeds, to transform an underpass into a psychedelic light show.   

The urban location makes the lighting show stand out beautifully, however I wouldn’t like to walk through that with a migraine if I say so myself! 


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Holi Festival Of Colours

If you’re from the London area and are fortunate enough to be attending The Holi Festival Of Colours in Battersea this Saturday, believe me, you’re going to have the time of your life! I recently attended the Holi Festival in Berlin and, aside from the odd minute of being unable to breathe or see due to the mass of powder paint below the sky, it was definitely one of the best days of 2013 so far. Just make sure you wear old clothes and bring a pair of sunglasses to avoid becoming temporarily blind (no joke)!

Holi Holi Holi X




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East Side Gallery, Berlin

If you’re ever in Berlin, be sure to visit the East Side Gallery! This is where the longest remain of the Berlin Wall stands after it was taken down in 1989. The East Side Gallery stretches over a mile long and features art painted on the wall in celebration of the end of the Cold War. A real must-see for street art and history lovers!


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Current Fashion Obsession: Jeremy Scott


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Ten Songs for your Summer Playlist

Seeing as for once the UK has been blessed with amazing weather, I hope most of you have taken advantage and spent as much time outside as you can! Whether you’re having a BBQ, picnic in the park or a country walk accompanied by your i-Pod, here are 10 old school anthems that need to be in your feel-good Summer-playlist! 

 1. Red Alert – Basement Jaxx

2. Starlight – The Superman Lovers

3. Pon de Replay – Rihanna

4. U-Turn – Usher

5. Teardrops – Womack & Womack

6. Hot in Here – Nelly 

7. The Weekend – Michael Gray

8. What Would You Do? – City High

9. Ride On Time – Black Box

10.  Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind

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1960 New York Swimmobile

1960 New York Swimmobile

Love-Love-Loving this photo from 1960 so much I just had to blog it.. I personally think this needs to be reinvented in London ASAP! Bring back the swingin’ 60s!

Just Amazing! X

Credit goes to @History_Pics Twitter.

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This Weekend we’re Loving..

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I think we can all agree that with the royal baby due in the next few days (National Holiday – pleaaaase?!) and this b-e-a-uuutiful weather the entire nation is in good spirits this weekend! Here’s The Empty Coathanger’s list of the top 5 things we’re loving at the moment..

1. Jelly Shoes! – As blogged about recently, I am 99% sure I’m still stuck in the 1990s.. Having made a comeback in Summer 2012, they seem to be here to stay as almost every popular fashion store is now stocking the see-through favourites! If you don’t already own a pair GET SOME! (Hint – Ebay is a good place to look for a top bargain!)

2. Nail Art – Girls (and boys if you wish..), it’s time to file and buff those nails and give them a cute Summer print to complete the ultimate Summer look..

3. The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town – For all you Londoners, why not take a trip to The Breakfast Club Spitalfields and then follow your way through the SMEG fridge for a few drinks? This ‘secret’ bar (I say ‘secret’ because it is most definitely a secret anymore, seeing as it is even advertised outside the venue) is located below The Breakfast Club, however you have to enter through a fridge.. Well a door with a fridge stuck onto it. But still, who doesn’t want to say they’ve been to a bar inside a fridge?!

4. Zoo Lates – London Zoo is opening itself up late on Friday nights for the next few weeks for all aged 18+ party animals! With a number of pop-up bars (we’re LOVING feeling 3 years old again in The Playroom!) and late-night animal shows, this summer event is not to be missed! (Having gone last Friday and not just read about online – I would highly recommend!)

5. Volvic Strawberry Water – Obviously it is very, very important to drink lots of water in hot weather conditions, but can’t water just be so dull?! If you’re feeling a bit dehydrated but don’t fancy a cheeky cocktail or exotic juice, try this strawberry flavoured water – I am now so addicted that I now buy it in bulk!!

Happy Saturday Everyone! X