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1960 New York Swimmobile

1960 New York Swimmobile

Love-Love-Loving this photo from 1960 so much I just had to blog it.. I personally think this needs to be reinvented in London ASAP! Bring back the swingin’ 60s!

Just Amazing! X

Credit goes to @History_Pics Twitter.

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A Sunny Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to go down to the South Coast and visit Bournemouth – boy am I glad I did! Although rather busy, the beach had a lively and happy atmosphere with absolutely amazing weather! Seeing as most of us seem to forget that the sun can occasionally shine in England, if you are able to get down to the South Coast anytime soon then I thoroughly recommend you do before Mother Nature decides to go back to her normal, dreary self again!





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‘Out of the Blue’

An image from a photo-shoot inspired by The Little Mermaid. Model: Bethany Fenton

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Fragrance Advert Photo-shoot

I spent this afternoon in the studio shooting a fragrance advert for a couple’s perfume. Taking just simple shots, my team and I are going to overlay different textures onto the photographs. Our fragrance, Core, is inspired by the artist Carl Andre, whom draws from nature and geometrics in his own work. Here are a few of the photos I am currently editing, I will post the final images in the next few days.






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